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This article is trial to write in English to send a trackback to a weblog in English.
After the article in English, I'll place the same article in Japanes. So if you want to read it in Japanese, please scroll down. (Because of my skill of writing in English, I guess Japanese article would be more intimate one.)
As you can see, other articles in this weblog are written in Japanese. I think I'll try to write articles in English on occasion.

Cliff Atkinson wrote about banning bullet points on his weblog 'beyond bullets'.
It is one of my favorate. His articles are so precise and concise that these are easy to understand for me even though Engilish isn't my mother tongue. I'm really interested in making a effectve presentation and I think Cliff is one of the presentation gurus.

In this article, he is introducing a research by Dr. Richard E. Mayer. The research says that removing texts from multimedia presentation increases retention and transfer considerably.
You bet! I have realized that every chance I have made a presentation. More text I put on slides in depth, less concentration from audiences. If I send my PowerPoint document in advance, every audience do not listen to me and prepare to make some skeptic questions.
I usually make presentations to initiate new businesses. In these cases it's important to impress people about a chance and a potential of the particular business. This means the thing I have to communicate is EMOTION. But presentation with many text will communicate about data, digits in the profit-loss statement, or other details.

I also read Blad Feld's article that sent a trackback to the Cliff's article and Seth Godin's.
As an audience, I always feel like Blad says, "shut up - I'll just read it". I found I did the same torturous things to my audiences!
The Seth's article is really helpful. In my opinion, almost all PowerPoint documents in my company walk into traps he pointed. PowerPoint became one of the most impotant tools to making business documents. But we use it as a new breed of the word processor or page layouting software, not as a tool for presentation or communication.

I think I should change my presentation.
Off course I ordered Cliff's book 'Beyond Bullet Points' in advance. Amazon.co.jp says they'll ship it in the first half of March. I'm really looking forward the arrival of the book.
Cliff is making a great offering, we can download chapter 1 of the book. I read it and place more expectation on the book.
I'll recommend it to my colleagues, but I think most of them will never read it, until it is transrated into Japanese. But if I can make a good presentation with a new style, they'll follow me. One of the commonest template of PowerPoint presentation in my company was disigned by me!

Japanese article starts from here. ここから日本語

愛読しているweblogのひとつ、「beyond bullets」でCliff Atkinson氏が「箇条書きを禁止せよ」という内容の記事を書いている。

記事の中で、CliffはRicard E. Mayer氏の調査結果を紹介している。なんと、文章を省いたプレゼンテーションのほうが聴衆の記憶に残るし、理解も高まるのだそうだ。

Cliffの記事へのトラックバックから、Blad Feld氏のweblogの記事や、さらにそこで紹介されていたSeth Godin氏の文章もあわせて読んだ。
Bladは聞き手の立場から「やかましい! いま読んでるんだから」といいたくなることが多い、と書いているが、まさに聞き手の立場からはその通りで、私も同様の経験を持っている。つまりは、私は聞き手の立場では耐え難いと思っているのと同じことを、立場が変わったときにはやっていたことになる。

もちろん、Cliffの著書である「Beyond Bullet Points」は予約してあって、Amazonから3月の前半には届くことになっている。これは到着がものすごく楽しみな一冊だ。

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